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Sebastian Gorka not leaving White House, Leftist smear machine spinning nonsense…….

It’s a ‘battle of the sources’, we have to wait and see which ones will be proven right.

I do hear from back channels however that it’s McMaster who’s the one impugning Gorka. The former is a purveyor of ‘Islam is peace’ bull crap while the latter has a more realistic view of the Arab death cult.

White House Sources: Reports of Gorka Leaving White House Are ‘Incorrect’

Multiple White House sources confirmed to Breitbart News on Sunday evening that reports earlier on Sunday that Sebastian Gorka, a deputy assistant to President Donald Trump, is somehow leaving the White House are incorrect.


“Incorrect,” one source told Breitbart News when asked about reports from the Washington Examiner and CNN that Gorka was leaving the White House.


A second White House source with direct knowledge of these matters confirmed to Breitbart News that the reports are wrong.


The Washington Examiner’s Sarah Westwood reported on Sunday that Gorka, an ex-Breitbart News national security editor, was leaving the White House for another federal agency.


More here.

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