ISLAMIC STATE Islamic terrorism

Islamic (nazi) State building suicide boats made from ambulances…….

Taking a vehicle that was used in trying to preserve life, into taking it….

ISIS building ‘suicide boats’ from stolen ambulances: Factory where jihadis slice up scrap vehicles before turning them into ‘precision-built’ bomb vessels for river death missions is discovered in Mosul

  • EXCLUSIVE: Jihadis thought to have launched dozens of attacks using boats
  • Improvised vessels made from stolen ambulances found in recaptured factory
  • Elite Iraqi troops advancing on the western part of Mosul after retaking the east

ISIS jihadis are turning stolen ambulances into ‘precision-built’ suicide boats for river death missions in Mosul as elite troops fight to recapture the western half of the embattled city.

The evil terror group is thought to have launched dozens of attacks using the bomb-laden vessels since October in a terrifying move that reveals the desperate measures it is taking to ward off the onslaught of Iraqi military units.

The improvised boats were discovered in an abandoned factory in Hay al-Thawra in Mosul which was recaptured from ISIS by the elite Rapid Response Division earlier this month.

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