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SWEDEN TERROR ATTACKS: City’s subways on lockdown for shootist after truck ramming murdered five pedestrians……

Pic of one still loose:

Multiple terrorists…….

”three gunmen’ open fire before police bundle a suspect to the ground”Police on the scene in Stockholm

  • Three men were seen leaping from the lorry and opening fire on officers and pedestrians at around 3pm
  • Two terror suspects are arrested after shootout – but third gunman may be hiding in city’s Central Station

Three men were seen leaping from the lorry and opening fire on police who had surrounded the hijacked vehicle at around 3pm local time.

Police said the vehicle crashed into a group of people on the street outside a shopping centre after racing down six streets.

Hundreds of shoppers were seen fleeing for their lives after the articulated truck rammed into the corner of the building. Dozens were believed to have been injured.

The driver was said by witnesses to be wearing a balaclava. Two suspects are thought to have been arrested.

At least one man is believed to be on the run wearing a green jacket, white shoes and a grey hoodie.

The incident took place at Ahlens, a department store in Klarabergsgatan.

Armed ‘terrorists’ were then seen running into Stockholm’s Central railway station and opening fire. Two people were also said to have been stabbed.

Police have shut the station down, which is the main hub for communal transport in the city.

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