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France: How an ‘Islamic bar’ became ground zero in the French election…….

I guess he never saw it coming……

This same owner would be outraged if a woman in a hijab would be refused service in another business because that owner deemed her to be an Islamic supremacist. All bloody hell would break out. There’s all kinds of stipulations business owners place on potential customers, ”No Shoes, No Shirt, No Service” being one of the more popular examples.

I don’t claim King Solomon-like attributes, there’s enough well grounded positions on either side of the argument for and against Business discriminatory practices. My take is that business owners should be able to dictate who they cater to, and the consumer can respond in kind by taking their shopping elsewhere.

If a store owner doesn’t want anyone wearing a shirt that sports a communist hammer and sickle or a fascist swastika in his/her establishment, they should be free to do so, as well as any outward signs of Islamic symbolism. The main thing here is, I wouldn’t encourage, nor support, politicians making my country into a magnet for the followers of the evil twins of socialism, communists and fascists, anymore than I do for the followers of Islam, no matter how well educated they are.

The ones that are here however, should be allowed to discriminate, and be discriminated against, all the while we make it known that Islam is relegated to the same category of tyrannical ideologies as the communists and nazis. No public square for sharia/Islam.

The ‘Islamic’ bar in Paris that became a French election scandal

The 'Islamic' bar in Paris that became a French election scandal
All photos: AFP
France has been left divided after hidden cameras footage revealed men in an “Islamic” bar in Paris telling women they weren’t welcome.
Amar Salhi is still amazed at how his scruffy bar north of Paris sparked an election scandal after it featured on national television in December during a report about Islam and women.
In footage shot with hidden cameras and broadcast during prime-time by state media giant France 2, two women activists were seen facing a hostile welcome as they tried to go for a drink in the Jockey Club.
“There’s no mixing in this bar,” one client was heard saying.
“You’re not in Paris here… it’s a different mentality, it’s like the village back home (in north Africa),” said another.
One of the women left disgusted, comparing the situation in the multi-ethnic suburb of Sevran to Saudi Arabia.
In a matter of hours of the report airing, social media lit up with comments, from members of the far-right National Front but also others across the political spectrum appalled by the sight of women’s rights being trampled.


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