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Turk inundated Germany urges rest of EU not to break off Turkish membership talks…….

Stunning isn’t it….?

Germany urges EU not to break off Turkey accession talks

Germany on Friday urged fellow EU nations not to end membership talks with Turkey despite deep misgivings over its rights record because the country is key to European interests.

Austria has led calls for the negotiations to be ditched, saying President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has violated the basic EU rule of law and democratic norms candidate countries must put in place.


Other member states have been reluctant to call time on a key NATO ally seen as vital to Europe’s security.


German Foreign Minister Sigmar Gabriel said his government was “strictly against breaking off the accession talks…. It would be the completely wrong reaction.”


“In NATO, we did not even exclude Turkey even during the times of military dictatorship (there),” Gabriel said as he arrived for an EU foreign ministers meeting in Valletta.


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  1. No doubt silly Sweden will back Merkel. What is in the heads of Swedes? Do none of you know anything about the Ottoman Empire? Well Erdogan is the Sultan of the second Ottoman Empire how history repeats itself. Just like in WWII Sweden will covertly assist Germany, Russia will have to deal with you idiots. Finland Norway & Denmark won’t stand for this, they were all occupied during WWII while Sweden let the Germans in through the back door.

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