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UK: Machine gun toting police throw out Jews asking hard questions from ‘Paleostinian’ Islamonazis at parliament event…….

You see how close the hard/rad Left and Islamonazis are in their squelching of free speech…..?

Pictured: The moment Met police armed with MACHINE GUNS throw Jewish audience members out of pro-Palestinian Labour event at Parliament

Kamal Hawwash, second from left, who has called a murderer a 'martyr', sits beside Labour MP Mark Hendrick, third from left, and Penny Green, who has suggested Britain bomb Israel, right

  • The event was hosted by Labour’s Mark Hendrick, MP for Preston, at Parliament
  • The main speaker, Kamal Hawwash, had referred to a Palestinian murderer who killed two civilians and shot a toddler as a ‘martyr’ taking ‘revenge’
  • Four Jewish activists asked ‘disruptive questions’ at the end and Mr Hendrick had them thrown out by seven officers armed with machine guns
  • The Jewish audience members were left ‘shaken and upset’

Heavily armed Metropolitan police threw Jewish activists out of an event hosted by a Labour MP at Parliament this week after they asked ‘disruptive questions’, MailOnline can reveal.

Mark Hendrick, MP for Preston, chaired the pro-Palestinian event which was organised by the controversial Palestine Return Centre (PRC). The group has been accused of links with Hamas, though a spokesman denied this.

The main speaker at Tuesday’s event – which was held to discuss Israeli conduct in Jerusalem – was Kamal Hawwash of the Palestine Solidarity Campaign, who used his speech to accuse Israel of being ‘an expert at inciting hatred’.

At a previous Labour event, he said he considered a man who knifed two Israeli men to death, and injured a woman and toddler, a ‘martyr’ carrying out an ‘act of revenge’. If people found his actions ‘unacceptable’, he said, ‘that’s up to them’.

The Jewish activists listened quietly to the speeches but then strongly challenged the presentations during the question-and-answer session. Mr Hendrick summoned police armed with machine guns to eject them, leaving them ‘shaken and upset’.

It comes as MailOnline has learnt that Labour Against Anti-Semitism has reported at least 500 cases to party officials since Christmas – an average of 125 a month –raising questions about anti-Semitism in the party weeks before the election.

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  1. The only people to be thrown out en masse are damnable muslims and in particular so called palestinians.

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