Islam in prison Tommy Robinson

Tommy Robinson proven right again, this time Australia is taking notice…….

The world would benefit from such wisdom……

Also, Tommy is not ‘the most hated man in the UK, he’s got a great ground swell of support pretty much wherever he goes.

‘We need separate prisons for Muslims and non-Muslims’: Man who predicted the rise of Islamic extremism in British jails warns the same is happening in Australia

  • A right-wing leader has warned Australia about the potential rise of extremism
  • Tommy Robinson claims Muslim and non-Muslim prisons can stop radicalisation
  • Dubbed ‘the most hated man in Britain’, Robinson regularly faces death threats
  • Speaking on radio, he said Australia needed to stop funding from Muslim nations

A right-wing leader once dubbed the ‘most hated man in Britain’ has claimed Australia is at risk of extremist acts by Muslims unless changes are made to the prison system.

Tommy Robinson rose to prominence in the British leader of right-wing group the ‘English Defence League’, which he founded after witnessing first hand the rise of radical Islam in prisons while serving a sentence.

Talking in the wake of last month’s deadly Westminster terror attack, the 34-year-old has issued a dire warning for Australia, telling Sydney radio that unless Muslims and non-Muslims are separated in prison, extremism will only continue to rise.

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  1. Deportation or death sentence, why should we the tax payer pay to keep these savages in jail? Shouldn’t be here in Europe and the west in the first place.

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