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UK: Muslim convert Anthony Small (boxer) issues death threat to Tommy Robinson, Paul Golding, Katie Hopkins on YouTube……..

There’s no way around it…

While carefully trying to couch his words, he’s issuing a veiled threat of violence/death against Tommy. He’s also a colleague of Islamonazi Anjem Choudary, whose associates have committed acts of jihad, so the police should be very very attentive to what he just did.

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He also ‘invites’ Tommy and the others to accept Islam, this veiled threat is not a veiled threat when understanding how Islam works. This is always a precursor to murder if the person refuses. This is very serious and reason why understanding Islam is necessary to discern true intent and possible actions. They (Small andhis jihadi minded cohorts) are now taking off the gloves, more than likely due to Tommy’s successes as a Rebel Media contributor.


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  1. This man needs a one way ticket to Saudi Arabia, or some other Muslim nation of his choice.

  2. He needs a bullet (TT edited)… dirty filthy POS. he’s all about making women slaves and abusing them, paedophilia and all that comes with the filth that is islam

  3. Obviously this idiot doesn’t know what the Koran, hadiths, and sunnah says about those who won’t believe like Muslims do,so he must search the gospels or the bible and see that the God of the bible overs all Salvation through Jesus Christ His son,and unlike Islam it doesn’t offer anyone salvation, Islam only offers Men paradise if they act or try to be like moohammed a paedophile, murderer,theif, mysodionist,liar and pirate, you might want to murder me for saying these things but I’m only saying the truth as it’s all in the Koran and hadiths and sunnah, you see I’m one of those people who have read most of these books although not all the hadiths as there are loads of them,SO if you want to know what Islam and moohammed are like and believe in then look them up on the internet. John 3=16

  4. This person is exactly what he is described as on his T-shirt he is a SOLDIER OF ALLAH . he doesn’t need to know anything about his cult, he doesn’t need to know anything about the rights or wrong of his beliefs …….He only needs to know what his leaders tell him and direct him to do …Brainless!

    1. His main leader….Mohamed, defined for him the way to behave with people who disagree with Islam. Death

  5. This guy featured on the BBC series “Muslims Like Us” which was designed to show that muslims are just the same as all the rest of us. Unfortunately he preached his hatred even going so far as to say that one of the muslimas, who was a shia muslim should be killed. Whilst a lot of the things this guy said were not liked by the other 9 muslims none of them actually stood up and challenged his view of Islam.
    If they really believed that he was wrong they would have challenged him and his beliefs.

  6. Further to my last I notice that he is so scared of people commenting on his video on YouTube that he has disabled comments on this video.

  7. Boy, you’ve just made a statement you’ll live to regret. YOU don’t have the RIGHT to say anything in England to support your misogynistic faith. I suggest you go to your own country an Islamic one and live your life there. Great Britain, a Christian country doesn’t want YOU. And go see a speech therapist, .

  8. Why would a real God, who created the entire universe, want people like ‘Small-brained Anthony’ to protect him?

    BRAINLESS MOHAMMEDANS, INCLUDING BRO’ SMALL: You are all mentally-retarded!

    If you love Mohammedism (aka fundaMENTAList Islam) so much, why don’t you go and live in Saudi Arabia, Aceh Province in Indonesia, Yemen, Somalia, Egypt, Pakistan, etc, or even (dare I say it) IRAN?

    Got it, Bro Anthony?

  9. I Would like to extend an invitation to Tommy Robinson to actually read the Gospels [or just one of them] concerning the life of Jesus Christ who was the last prophet and the only Messiah of the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. Now concerning your threat and hubris, as an Amercican, I do not get my Freedom from Democracy, not even from the Constitutional Bill of Rights, but I received it from God. That’s why Americans understand what freedom is! That’s why we can reach around the world as a nobody and touch a person like you.

    Now, my God has a name and place where he resides. His name is Yehovah which is pronounced phonetically, “Yeova”. What you follow is not a God at all, but the imagination of Mohammed. As a matter of fact many of the attributes given to Allah are no more that the attributes of the ancient goddess Al Lot. Hers was the crescent moon and hers was the drop of blood Mohammed mentions in his cave delusion. She was one of three leading female deities that were resident in your square house, the Kaaba. And as a matter of fact some of the symbols and containers of those 360 deities of the Kaaba are still their, strung up on a wire between the columns in the Kaaba.

    Respecting the word “ALLAH” – all it means is “the god” but what is his name? Where does he live? Who attends him? He was known to the Babylonians as Alaha, and also to the Sabaean Arabs. All Mohammed did was pick the god his father was dedicated to – at the pagan Kaaba in Mecca. Had Mohammed known how to read or write, he would have been able to understand who the true God was. So what he did was listen to his third cousin, an Ebionite preist, and a Nestorian monk from the Demascus area, and he put together his own interpretation of the one true God. The final result is that Islam is an Ebionite Jewish cult with ancient pagan Arab rituals, such as kissing a meteorite stone, circumambulation, throwing stones and running to and from Al Lot’s temples, and sexually mutilating women.

    Now, I wrote this to help you. To understand that you didn’t do your home work and review the historical documents. I would like you to receive Jesus Christ as your personal Lord and Savior and recognize that he is God’s Son. “God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son, that whoever should believe on him would have everlasting life” [Jn.3:16].

    write me at

  10. He thinks he’s politely warning us of deaths frets, sorry threats, and educating us, the man is definitely punch drunk. We know how Islam works that’s why we would not convert unless, of course, you hate your fellow man. It will not be us going to ‘ell. Don’t you just love these kind hearted Muslims.

  11. WoW! And there is the true definition of a complete coward….to make veiled threats whilst pretending to be concerned about another person’s welfare. I think that he too needs to learn also that his words can be taken as threats and he TOO can lose his life because of them! If he is a poster-child for Islam, who in their right mind would want to sign up for it. I mean, that Mohammad dude must be one really sick douche, and that book of his…only good thing that can be used for is as toilet paper – except that my arse would probably feel dirtier after wiping myself with it!

  12. This is unbelievable – a terrorist death threat to three public figures (veil it all he likes it’s a death threat), why have I had to come to some small website to find it? Why are the BBC ignoring it?

  13. Quit imposing Islamic laws on everyone else. If you dont, we will eliminate Muslim migration and quit providing living expenses for them too, then they won’t have so much time to create things to cry about it loiter the streets harassing girls.

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