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Israel: Cleaning the hate, a story of a pro-Israel Arab from Umm el Fahm……..

I know Yahya, he’s sincere and a very class act.

He is doing this out of deep conviction and at great personal expense.


APRIL 25, 2017 11:32

‘Metro’ tells the story of Yahya Mahemed, an Arab from Umm el-Fahm whose eyes were opened to the truth about Israel. Now calling himself ‘Zionist Muslim,’ he is working at StandWithUs to help others

Sometimes we are privileged to meet rare and inspiring people, people whose life experiences are so different from our own that hearing about them provides us with a new understanding of the human spirit, a new way to see things, and a new way to think.

Yahya Mahemed is one such person. Tall, dark and slim, the first thing one notices about him is his smile.

It’s sincere and disarming and immediately evokes the feeling that a friend has been found. As his story unfolds, it becomes clear that behind those dimples is a young man of courage, humor, intelligence and a tremendous heart.

Metro sat with Mahemed at the Jerusalem office of StandWithUs, an NGO dedicated to educating people around the world about Israel. This is his story.

“I grew up in Umm el-Fahm, the third-largest Arab city in Israel. It’s a very problematic place. The Islamic Movement runs the municipality. This means they have power over everything: schools, services, who gets hired… and they are very anti-Israel. ISIS logos and swastikas are common,” he says.

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