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UK: Outrage over taxpayer money handed over to pay terrorists…….

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Foreign aid OUTRAGE after claims taxpayer’s cash ‘pays for terror’

A NEW foreign aid row erupted last night over claims taxpayers’ cash was being given to a government which pays terrorists.

The clash came after reports that a mentally ill Arab who killed a British student was in line to receive a “salary” from the Palestine Authority – which receives £25million a year from Britain.


Money is donated on the understanding it is used to finance health and education.


But outraged critics said it allows budgets to be freed up, enabling Palestinians to continue their decades-long practice of supporting terrorists and their families.


It was claimed yesterday that Jamil Tamimi, who stabbed 20-year-old Hannah Bladon in a Good Friday atrocity in Jerusalem, could pocket around £800 a month as a reward for being a “hero who resisted the occupation”.


The scandal reignited debate over the scale and scope of Britain’s eye-watering foreign-aid commitment which last year totalled £13.3billion.


Lord Polak, president of Conservative Friends of Israel, said: “The Palestinian Authority is receiving £25million in foreign aid at the same time as it is paying the families of terrorists like Tamimi who murdered Hannah Bladon in cold blood.


“I would ask the Government what extensive precautions are in place to show taxpayers’ money does not support terror groups, organisations or individuals?”


Itamar Marcus, of Israeli monitoring group Palestinian Media Watch, said: “The fact the Palestinian state pays people who have stabbed civilians, shot children or made bombs is a statement of support.


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  1. I have one thing only to say, it is time Abbas, Hamas, Hizbollah were driven out of Israel to Islamic nations where most of them originated. Second thing, Islamic nations couldn’t offer jobs so the Arabs migrated to Israel after she had built her infrastructure and made the deserts produce food and water.

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