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Iraq: Elderly Christian woman forced to spit on cross by IS Islamonazis……..

That’s the way Islam and its followers have treated Jews and Christians throughout history, in spite of brief moments of respite.


Muslim persecution of Christians ensues unabated.

Raymond Ibrahim is a Shillman Fellow at the David Horowitz Freedom Center.

Tragic stories of Christian experiences under the Islamic State continued to emerge throughout the month of January.  A Christian doctor who forfeited the chance to escape his Syrian village after ISIS had captured it because he wanted to stay and help the sick and needy, both Christian and Muslim, was kidnapped by the Muslim terrorists and ordered to renounce Christ for Muhammad.  When he refused, they publicly slaughtered him.  Similarly, after ISIS ordered another Christian youth in Syria to embrace Islam, he too refused and was slaughtered for it.  His mother—who was prevented from burying her martyred son’s body—recalled that when ISIS first invaded their village, he reminded her of Jesus’ assertion in the New Testament: “If you deny me before men I will deny you before the Father.”


After ISIS raided the home of Zarefa, an elderly Christian woman in Iraq, they discovered crucifixes and Christian icons. “They forced me to spit on the Cross,” she recalled. “I told them that it was not appropriate, that it was a sin. He said that I must spit. ‘Don’t you see that I have a gun?’ he asked me. I said to myself, ‘Oh, the Cross! I am weak, I will spit on you. But Lord, I ask you to take revenge for me. I cannot escape from this.’”  According to the report, “The shame is still visible on Zarefa’s face when she recounts the memory; her town, Qaraqosh, is liberated now, but she is still recovering from the traumatic two years that are only just behind her.”

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  1. I simply cannot be rational when I read this kind of news. My answer is thus.

    Every Islamic nation producing OIL and who have earned billions in Petro Dollars, further more have contributed nothing to the human race other than savagery, barbarism, amorality, ignorance, despotism, filth & a so called faith deemed by a MADMAN namely Mohammad needs the following:- Every Oil refinery bombed by MOAB’s the bigger the better. Let these greedy sodomite Arabs burn in the black pitch which made them rich. It is time they were wiped out each and every one of them. As for Europe unless Marine Le Pen gets in we are doomed and I am deadly serious the silly addle headed millenium generation have been fed far too much sugar and milk and not enough bitter herbs.

  2. You are sooo right, but way too politically correct in your assessment. This is a “WAR” and the problem is no one is calling it out for what it is. western society have completely disarmed themselves. Just the mention of anything closely related to Islam or people of color paints us as political racists. The media ignores the facts, the police and all levels of government. We have become ashamed of our White greatness, We have forgotten that our forefathers built empires of freedom and standard of living never seen before in History. For this Islam hates us as we have no respect for our own freedoms as we brought it to the point Gluttony, self indulging generation with of entitlements. We no longer have respect not even for ourselves as we have lost the dignity and grace that came with our greatness. Even worse The last generation rebukes history and therefore have no compass or conviction of where they come from. If you do not know where you come from you will have a no idea where you are going hence the tear down of monuments in the USA. Our forefather spilt blood for are freedoms and the last generation have 000 respect. This is the 1st issue. Islam never lost its compass and the goal hasn’t changed in thousands years which gives them s=resolve as we pollute our minds with alcohol and partying and football games they read the Koran and stay on track. Look what is happening in South African whites, its a disaster as they are losing there farms for no financial payments. We are being slaughtered slowly by the globalists for there use and control like farm animals as we lose our identity. We must fight back with BRUTALITY as politics is not working in our favor as they use our rights against us. This must stop and HEAVY taxes must be levied on Islamist/Muslims where ever they move into Christian lands just like they did to Christians over 1000 years ago. No entitlements to any of them and to have any citizenship rescinded going back several generations so they have 0 right to any entitlements ei; education, welfare, medical etc… They must come with minimums which should be held as a bond which are taxable otherwise stay in the shithole they are from.

    The war we fight today is not being fought on our end as we have become sheep and weak and are allowing the abuse to continue. We have to make a concerted effort to name call what this is today which is WAR and hunt down these cockroaches globally. We must retake the lands lost over the past 1500 years, this includes Syria, Iraq, Iran and the northern horn of Africa and trash there belief in the Pedophile/ homosexual named Mohammed. Only then do we have a chance of surviving. We must reclaim all the lands and take all the resources for our consumption and slowly reduce their population by the 2 billion cockroaches that they are over time. These roaches must be deposited into a compound in the sand where they can feed off of themselves and kill there own kind in closed quarters, with chips in there wrists to be able to track and monitor them like animals in a zoo. As we harvest there organs for or use. Otherwise they have no purpose what so ever.

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