ISLAM IN THE USA Muslim Criminality

US: Muslim who threatened Christians with violence now arrested…….

Any time you hear or see Muslims brandishing weapons and/or threatening others, it’s a good thing to contact the police.

Man Who Brought Guns To Sioux Falls Conference Charged With Terrorist Threats

Sioux Falls, SD

The man in a viral Facebook video broadcasted live outside a Christian Conference in Sioux Falls earlier in April has been charged with one count of a terrorist threat.

45-year-old Ehab Jaber’s charges come from the alleged incident on April 9. In his Facebook Live video, he was seen with a number of firearms.

When authorities searched his home, they seized firearms and meth.

Jaber spoke on Facebook about the incident earlier this week.

More than 300 people turned out for the event with a former Muslim turned Christian pastor Shahram Hadian and Christian Radio Host Brannon Howse.

More here. via Pamela Geller

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