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Paris France jihad attack: Eyewitnesses tell of people crying, everyone running around…..

What’s with all the Muslims being interviewed……?

‘People were crying and everyone was running around’: Eyewitnesses tell of terror as three policemen were gunned down on the Champs-Elysees

  • At least one policeman has been killed in a shooting in Paris on Thursday evening
  • Eyewitnesses described chaos as people fled into side streets to escape
  • One said: ‘People were crying and running around’ after the gunfire opened 
  • Another said: ‘It was a terrorist. He came out with a Kalashnikov and started shooting’

Witnesses of the ‘terror’ attack on the Champs-Elysees in Paris tonight have told of the chaos that erupted when gunfire opened in the popular shopping district.

One policeman is confirmed dead and another two seriously injured after the shooting on Thursday night, which police say may be terror, or an attempt at armed robbery.

Badi Ftaiti, a Tunisian-born mason who has spent three decades in Paris, said the attack didn’t panic him but he saw scores of people running into side streets.

‘I heard six gunshots’: Eyewitness tells how Paris attack unfolded

He said tourists were ‘running, running….Some were crying. There were tens, maybe even hundreds of them.

Asked whether the attack was evidence that ‘Paris isn’t Paris’ anymore, as claimed by Donald Trump, Ftaiti said the U.S. President is ‘barking up the wrong tree.’

He says: ‘Paris is Paris. It’s America that’s not America.’

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This man told the BBC he hid behind police trucks when he heard the gunfire, taking shelter


NOTE: That’s right, that’s all we need is a Muslim belching his bile just after another attack of jihad by his coreligionists in the West…..

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