PJ-Media: An open letter to Antifa: Dear Morons…….


Dear Morons:

We get it. You do not like Donald Trump. You’ve made your voices heard from the moment the results were announced. The shrieking and screaming made that abundantly clear.

You didn’t need to get violent, but you did. After Milo’s speech at Berkeley, you got bolder. Everywhere you raised your ire, especially with violence, you got away with it. Following Berkeley, officials at the college claimed the rioters weren’t their own students, but you knew better. So did we.

This weekend, near your first and most important “triumph,” you thought you’d do it again. You thought you would shut down a free speech rally simply because they were saying things you didn’t like. Why wouldn’t it work again? You’ve been exhorting each other to “Bash the Fash,” and some of you have actually been trying to learn how to do it.

Now, after being beaten and chased away at the “Battle of Berkeley,” you are pondering how to up your game. There are calls to be better organized and better trained — the irony of anarchists looking to organize better is lost on you. But you are hoping that the next time you try to harm people in the name of restricting liberty, you won’t get stomped.

Why can’t you morons see where this path with lead you?

Your decision to use violence to create political change won’t actually stop your opponents. You’ll just vindicate their position. Everyone not involved will care less and less about what you have to say about anything.

And that will just be the fate of those of you that get off easy.

You’re opponents are stocked with people who don’t stand down when speech is threatened. Trying to up your “game” will only result in your opponents doing the same, and as we found out, your opponents will always be much better at this than you are.

The overwhelming majority of combat vets and trained security officers are not on your side. In fact, they dedicated their lives to protecting innocents from people like you. You call yourselves “Anti-fascist,” but they have battled actual fascism by taking out Saddam Hussein’s Baathist Party, a political party modeled on the Nazis. They were kinda like you, but with guns.


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