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GOV: Zana Ramadani: “No Other Religion Brings Forth So Many Murderers as Islam”……..

It was founded by a cold blooded murder, who promoted murder, so it stands to reason that it’s adherents will do the same, and they do.

Gates of Vienna: Many thanks to Nash Montana for translating this interview with Zana Ramadani published in Tages Anzeiger:

“Muslim mothers raise their sons to be losers”

In her bestseller The Veiled Threat, Zana Ramadani writes about macho men, coddling educators and the West in the clutches of an integration frenzy.


[Photo caption: The former Femen activist Ramadani in Berlin: “Muslim women are the biggest oppressors of their daughters.”]


You tangle with everybody in your book: with politics, especially the Left, with feminists, conservative Islam, Muslim machos and their enabling mothers. Do you need police protection?


That’s a lot more difficult to get than one might imagine. I have filed numerous reports with the police, but because the threats, especially on social media, are almost all anonymous, the police can’t do very much. I therefore applied for a gun license last year.


Who shows the most severe reactions?


The gender-feminists. They ridicule my education, call me a single incident and relativize. The conservative Muslims, on the other hand, don’t criticize; they only threaten me.


What do the threats look like?


Well, you can find pretty much anything there. They call me a whore, they threaten me with rape, murder, and since I am pregnant now, they threaten to kick my child out of my body.


Are you afraid?

It would be absurd to say no, I’m not afraid. It weighs on me, yes, but I try to not let it take over.


Is it especially bad that you as a Muslim woman criticize Islam?


If I were a German woman, they would call me a Nazi-slut and a racist; we know these accusations always come up first. But because I am a Muslim woman, it makes it harder and therefore worse. That I as a woman express myself critically against Islam is the worst of all. And so I am simply called mentally ill and traumatized. But they also fear me more, because I know very well what it is I am speaking of. Whenever possible, my opponents always avoid sitting across from me in talk shows.


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