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Finland: Somali councilwoman also works for Finn Church Aid facilitating returning Islamonzis from Jihad…….

This shows just how far the Muslims have been able to infiltrate Christian organizations and subvert them to their purposes, with the help of the Left that’s already infiltrated them decades earlier. 

These Islamonazis should have their residency permits / citizenship revoked, not pampered and catered to on the taxpayer’s dime. Totally absurd. That this takes place within the Finnish Lutheran Church adds insult to injury.


skarmavbild_2016-01-02_kl._22.11.34Somali single mother Mrs. Habiba Ali is now on the Espoo city council. She’s a single parent of seven children of. Though not the point, it’s clear that she and her husband are using the Finnish social security system. What’s more to the point is where Habiba ali works.


She works for Finn Church Aid “project, as an anti-radicalization project coordinator”. According to Finn Church Aid’s information, Habiba Ali’s work includes “for the integration of former foreign fighters into society”.


In other words, Habiba Ali deals through the church office with Africans and Arabs who have left Finland for Syria’s Isis or for Somalia’s al-Shabaab to kill people.


Habiba Ali says on Finn Church Aid’s web page:


– If the person has gone, for example, to a war zone, this is a crisis in the family. It may be that the youth has been concerned about for a long time but it is not known what type of assistance would be available, or identified the need for assistance in a timely manner. These issues can be difficult to talk about with outsiders.


According to Habiba Ali and to Finn Church Aid, housing returning jihadists prevents them from recruiting other young people to continue to Isis.


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