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Sweden: Pious Muslim Uzbeki terrorist Rustam Akhmedov mowed down shoppers in Stockholm…….



This is the suspected terrorist

Terrorist attacks , this is the 39-year-old Uzbek citizen who during the night was arrested on Saturday,  and is now suspected of a terrorist offense in Stockholm on Friday, when four people were mowed down and killed and several injured.

On Friday evening Avpixlat revealed that Rustam Akhmedov used dual identities, had his asylum application in January and lingered in Sweden as “paperless” and that police found the paraphernalia that they suspected were explosives in the truck. So yesterday’s terrorist attack could have been even bloodier.

According to data on Saturday Akhmedov had been internationally wanted for terrorist crimes in Russia, where the Russian authorities should also have tried to have him extradited.

In social media has Akhmedov expressed sympathies for Islamic groups Hizb ut-Tahrir and al-Nusra. He is now under arrest on probable cause, the higher degree of suspicion, suspected of terrorist crimes by murder.

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