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Westminster islamonazi terrorist extensively inundated with Islam for a year in Birmingham before attack…….

Lets call a spade a spade shall we?

This pious Muslim got read and fed the full Islamo-riot act for a full year prior to his monstrous act of jihad. So lets stop with the complete arsed nonsense that his evil deed had nothing to do with Islam.

Westminster terror attacker was radicalised in Birmingham in the past 12 months, sources claim

  • Masood was first noticed by security services when he was living in Luton 
  • But he was dismissed as peripheral figure and was not on recent watchlists 
  • Detectives are focusing on Masood’s activities in Birmingham
  • Seven out of the twelve arrested in wake of the attack were in the city

Khalid Massod was probably radicalised within the last 12 months Westminster terror attacker Khalid Masood was radicalised in Birmingham, probably within the past 12 months, a well-placed source has told The Mail on Sunday.

He first came to the attention of police eight years ago, when it is thought he was living in Luton, and his mobile phone number was found in the phone contacts of a known extremist being investigated at the time.

Masood was dismissed as a peripheral figure – and detectives believe he chose the path to violent terrorism much more recently.

As a result, counter-terrorism detectives are focusing on Masood’s activities and acquaintances in Birmingham, where he lived for the past two years.

The source said the Westminster attack – in which Masood, 52, murdered three civilians and police officer Keith Palmer, 48 – is increasingly looking like a ‘lone-wolf’ atrocity.

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