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US: WSJ warns GOP senate leader McConnell against filibuster deal with Democrats…….

If senate majority leader Mitch McConnell stands tough…then his wife (the decision which I still disagree with) being appointed by Trump to head the Transporation dept. makes more sense. If he folds….then the GOP should just hand over the reigns to the Dems….they’ve been owned.

Wall Street Journal warns Senate GOP against filibuster deal

The right-leaning Wall Street Journal editorial board is warning Senate Republicans that any deal with Democrats that maintains their right to filibuster President Trump’s Supreme Court nominees would amount to “suicide.”


In an editorial published Thursday night, the paper said Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer is trying to set up the GOP for a loss on Supreme Court nominee Neil Gorsuch and that Republicans will lose seats if they fail to get him confirmed.


“If Republicans blink and tolerate Democratic filibusters of High Court nominees,” the paper said, “they should hand over their majority to the Democrats now.”


Democratic leaders have indicated that they’re likely to deny Gorsuch the 60 votes needed to confirm him to the court, though some within the party have suggested a deal with the GOP in which they decline to filibuster this time but reserve the right to do so for a future nominee.


Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has said, however, he is willing to change Senate rules so that only a simple majority vote is required to confirm Supreme Court nominees.


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