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Sweden: Main opposition “Moderate” party bleeding in polls, statist media blames softening on SD party……

Remember, this is Sweden….

It’s a country where political parties across its limited political spectrum (save the Sweden Democrats) demand Israel to sit down and talk with homicidal/genocidal Islamonazis, while refusing to even sit down and chat with the non-violent, democratically elected SD.

Could crisis in the opposition bring a new political climate in Sweden?

With just over a year left until Sweden’s next general election, the country’s biggest opposition party appears to be in freefall, dropping sharply in opinion polls and showing little sign of recovery. But could a bigger consequence of that be a shake-up in the very alliances which currently define Swedish politics?

It’s a difficult time to be Moderate leader Anna Kinberg-Batra. On Thursday, a new opinion poll carried out by Inizio for newspaper Aftonbladet suggested that only 17.6 percent would back her party if an election were held today – the worst they have polled during the current 2014-2018 mandate period, and well short of the 23.3 percent of the vote they took in the last Riksdag election.


“The drop they seem to have experienced is precarious for the party. If they maintain that level in 2018, it’s a crisis for them. It’s too early to say if that will happen, but there are no signs of recovery at the moment,” Linné University political scientist Magnus Hagevi told The Local.


To make matters worse, a recent move to try to entice voters lost to the anti-immigration Sweden Democrats (SD) appears to have backfired for the Moderates. In January, they broke a longstanding taboo in Sweden by opening the door to cooperation with SD, who have been frozen out by the other parties in the Riksdag.


That hasn’t gone down well on several fronts. This week for example the local leader for the Moderates on Gotland resigned in response, calling Kinberg-Batra’s change in stance “irresponsible” and complaining that it has divided the centre-right Alliance coalition which his party is a part of.


Indeed, both the Centre Party and Liberals came out in opposition of talking to SD, as they also did a week earlier when Kinberg-Batra threatened to topple the current Swedish government by submitting a rival budget before next year’s election.


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