Muslim Criminality MUSLIM SETTLERS Sweden

Sweden: 20 Muslim settlers clash in asylum center, several injured, NONE ARRESTED…….

They’re talking about serious aggravated assault but no one was even carted off to the clink!

Several people were injured in a brawl in an asylum center in Gamleby

Published March 25, 2017 at 21:14

DOMESTIC. Several people were injured on Saturday afternoon in a larger portion of an asylum accommodation in Gamleby Småland, writes the police on their website.

The alarm about the altercation came in to police at 13:49. Some 20 people in the asylum center had clashed and several people were reported to be injured. According to local newspaper a person was brought by ambulance to the hospital.


“It is initially about several violent crimes, including aggravated assault,” the police said on their website. The police were in the afternoon at the asylum accommodation to find out what had happened.


At ten to eight in the evening, police had no further information about the event, writes



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