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Netherlands: Wilders slaps down Dutch PM for veiled ‘populism’ jibe…….

If there is any populism going on, it’s at the hands of EU supra-state politicians who consistently reject the civil society in favor of what ruling elite’s want.

NOTE: Remember folks, this PM’s party barely held on to power, losing 9-10 seats while Wilder’s PVV party increased their share by 5 or more seats.

‘We are NOT Nazis’ Geert Wilders scolds Dutch PM Mark Rutte’s veiled ‘populism’ jibe

GEERT Wilders has fired back at Dutch prime ministerial rival Mark Rutte for hinting he and his supporters were “some kind of Nazis”.

Following his election defeat, the Freedom party leader admitted the conservative had clinched electoral victory but condemned the victor’s remarks.


Exit polls predicted Mr Rutte had snagged 31 seats – which would make him the largest party ahead of Wilders’ PVV on 19.


Shortly after the apparent victory, Mr Rutte gloated: “This is an evening where the Netherlands, after Brexit and Trump, said ‘That’s enough of the wrong sort of populism’.”


But Mr Wilders was quick to slam Mr Rutte’s sly comments and said: “I don’t know what he means. He is implying there are good and bad populists.


“I don’t see myself as a populist but he is suggesting I am a bad populist and some kind of Nazi.”


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