J.E.Dyer: Are You a Proleptic Dhimmi…..?

I believe Finland is, at least its ruling (self anointed) elite.

The Finns are just as bad as the Swedes are in bowing towards Islamic mores and sensibilities.

After all, what do dhimmi leaders do? They urge their people not to insult Muslims or anything to do with Islam. In their efforts to appease their protectors, they
1. fall silent about Muslim offenses and attack those who do discuss them;
2. join their protectors in attacking Muslim designated enemies (2 Satans);
3. fall silent about the terrible, grotesque, anti-intellectual attacks on Israelthat completely ignore the victims in their eagerness to attack the victimizer’s scapegoat.

Are you a proleptic dhimmi? Take the test

You will quickly understand the concept of proleptic dhimmitude, I promise.  What is worth much more than its weight in gold is going through the thought process behind it.  Proleptic dhimmitude explains a great deal about the state of Western civilization as a whole today.  It applies to more than a person’s attitude toward Islam.


In fact, proleptic dhimmitude is the attitude we are increasingly bludgeoned into cultivating toward the shibboleths of left-progressive politics.  Proleptic dhimmitude isn’t just a robe assumed for ceremonial (or defensive) occasions.  It is a way of being.


Dr. Richard Landes, recently a professor at Boston University who now works as a historian in Jerusalem, has a superb post out today at his blog, The Augean Stables.  In it, he provides his definition of “proleptic dhimmitude” (which I believe he coined), and offers a very illuminating exercise for detecting it in yourself.


Let’s go right to the definition:

I define proleptic dhimmitude as taking on the requirements of dhimmitude in anticipation of Muslim rule. Thus, appeasing Muslim demands for dhimmi behavior before there is any conquest (the normal conditions for imposing dhimmitude). In this case the key (initial) demand, is that infidel show respect for triumphalist Muslims and not criticize them, or their religion. That according to Sharia, is blasphemy, like the Danish Cartoons.


I’m assuming we all know what dhimmitude is.  Regarding “proleptic dhimmitude,” the adjective comes from the term “prolepsis,” for which the Google search-engine dictionary has a most serviceable definition (emphasis in original):


More here

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