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Islamic (nazi) State advises jihadis to dress up like Jews to murder them……


Islam is all about Jew hatred….

‘Dress up like a Jew and make sure you have plenty of weapons under your coat’: ISIS fanatics issue chilling call to ‘terrorise’ Jewish people in the West

  • Chilling post urges ISIS supporters to ‘dress up like a Jew’ and launch attacks
  • Terror group’s supporters were advised to conceal weapons in their clothes
  • ISIS-linked Telegram channel also gives a list of possible targets in Britain
  • Also uses a picture of Amedy Coulibaly who attacked a Jewish shop in Paris

ISIS fanatics have issued a chilling call for fellow extremists to ‘terrorise’ Jewish communities in the West.

Brainwashed supporters were advised to ‘dress up like a Jew’ and conceal weapons under their coats before ‘unleashing the pain of the Muslims’ on their victims.

The terrifying call to arms emerged on an ISIS-linked Telegram channel called Lone Mujahid – a chat room where aspiring terrorists are encourage to carry out ‘lone-wolf’-style attacks.

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  1. KGS
    personnaly I like to call them “Jihadicks”.
    Feel free to use it mate.

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