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Finnish politicians now calling for a FIXIT referendum on the EU……..


Hardly, Finnish politicians seek refuge within big international bodies thinking it will protect them from the Russian bear. They’ll literally be the last ones out of the EU with their fingers nervously on the light switch hoping it’s all a bad dream.

Nonetheless, the case has to be made. If Finnish indecisiveness is any indicator on what to expect, they’ve been talking about whether or not to join NATO for the past 20 years, and no where near coming to any decision.

Could Finland be next to quit EU? Politicians call for FIXIT referendum

FINLAND could be the next country to leave the European Union as leadership candidates for the nation’s eurosceptic party reveal they back plans for Fixit.


Deputy prime minister Timo Soini has announced he will step down as chairman of the nationalist eurosceptics party The Finns paving the way for a tight leadership contest.


Parliamentarian Sampo Terho has formally announced his intention to run for the party leadership with hardliner Jussi Halla-aho expected to throw his hat in the ring.


Both men have spoken out against the and expressed support for a Finnish exit from the bloc.


Mr Terho said: “The party is entering a new phase … but values behind our policy will remain similar.


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