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Breaking UK, terror attack: Police open fire at knife wielding man, people rammed in front of House of Commons……

Emergency teams were seen carrying out CPR inside the palace grounds in New Palace Yard, the main thoroughfare in and out of Parliament

Terror tard


Middle Eastern looking man suspected as the terrorist. One woman has been declared to have died from her injuries. (4 people declared dead, wounded)

Happened on one year anniversary of Brussels bombing massacre!

BREAKING NEWS: Police shoot ‘knife wielding man’ at parliament after car mows down five people on Westminster Bridge then crashes into railings

  • Several shots have been fired at the House of Commons in Westminster
  • At least three people have been hit and emergency teams are on the scene 
  • Reports aslo suggest a car ploughed into pedestrians on Westminster Bridge
  • The Prime Minister has been evacuated and staff told to stay inside

Armed Police have opened fire and shot an intruder inside the grounds of the Houses of Parliament amid reports a car drove into pedestrians on Westminster Bridge.

Several shots were fired at around 2.35pm moments after a loud bang was heard inside the grounds of Parliament.

Three bodies were visible on the floor and the Palace was placed on an immediate lock down.

Others were seen lying in the road on Westminster Bridge, where reports suggest around six people were knocked down by a car.

The House of Commons was suspended by Deputy Speaker Lindsay Hoyle. MPs have been ordered to wait inside the Commons chamber.

People outside the palace could be seen running from the scene when the shots were heard.

A man with a knife was seen within the confines of the palace.

Armed Police have opened fire and shot a person outside the Houses of Parliament. A vehicle was seen on social media to have crashed into the fence of the palace 

An eye witness said that a car was seen to mow down five people on Westminster Bridge.

Police are then believed to have shot a man who tried to enter the Parliamentary Estate.

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