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Tommy Robinson nixes S.Yorkshire police warning on FGM: “They won’t do anything, Muslims above law”…….

He’s right……

The media is part of the problem:

“The lack of understanding and knowledge of FGM amongst local communities and professionals makes it extremely difficult to identify victims and achieve prosecutions. However, we will not let these barriers stop us from implementing our ‘prevent, protect, partners and prosecute’ strategy.

The above quote is so ludicrous on its face. It’s deemed a religious duty, this has nothing to do with ”not understanding FGM”, you need to recognize that FGM is predominantly an Islamic phenomenon, and look for Muslim parents sending their children to countries that they fled, to get their daughters clipped. It’s not rocket science, you might not save every girl from being mutilated, but you will end up saving many more if the Islamic component is recognized. That’s a fact.

South Yorkshire Police issue warning over female genital mutilation

Those involved in female genital mutilation face jail


Police chiefs in South Yorkshire are warning that those involved in female genital mutilation in South Yorkshire could land themselves behind bars for 14 years.


The practice of female genital mutilation, which is common in some cultures, is illegal in Britain and offenders face jail if convicted.


Detective Sergeant Suzanne Bluck, of South Yorkshire Police, issued the warning at an event organised by the charity Ashiana, which supports refugees and those from black, Asian and minority ethnic communities who are fleeing domestic and sexual abuse, including forced marriage, human trafficking, female genital mutilation, gang violence and ‘honour’ based violence.

She said: ““It is extremely important to raise awareness of FGM as it is illegal in the UK and any offenders found guilty can face up to 14 years in prison.


More here.

NOTE: The simple truth is, the lack of political will and the enforcement of political correctness has condemned thousands of people in the UK and elsewhere to untold misery (many Muslims themselves), because they’ve handcuffed themselves from doing the right thing in order to placate a political agenda.

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