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Norway: 40 ‘youths’ arrested in drug and organized crime related activities……..

Just an observation, if the youths arrested were known white supremacist ultra-nationalist Norwegians, we would know about it.

Norway arrests 40 young people in organised crime raid

Police have arrested dozens of people, mostly between the ages of 16-20, in a series of raids on schools and homes near Oslo.

The youths arrested in the raids are suspected of being involved in illegal narcotics sales linked to organised crime in Oslo, reports NRK.


The arrests took place in the Follo region, which is part of the Akershus county to the south and east of the Norwegian capital.


Dealing and using drugs, extortion, violence, threatening behaviour and young women trading prostitution for drugs are among the activities connected to the arrests.


“Over time we have received a number of concerned reports from parents, schools and people who work with youths. This has led us to take action in this area,” chief inspector Lars Abelsen of the Øst police district told NRK.


Police have been monitoring groups in the area for up to two years in order to form an overview of their hierarchy before making arrests, according to the broadcaster’s report.


The arrests were made during Tuesday and Wednesday with some 40 people from a police list of up to 50 names taken in for questioning.


The majority of the individuals are between 16 and 20 years old and from various social backgrounds.


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