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Denmark: Arab gangs terrorizing the populace in Danish town…….

Do we really want to import this kind of behavior? What’s the advantage?

“Arab gangs” spread terror in Danish town

DENMARK / IMMIGRATION AND ASYLUM RELATED CRIME In Skive, the residents of a small town in Jutland, were terrorized by a group of young men with origins in the Middle East. In Holte, north of Copenhagen, a young man was the victim of a brutal robbery by some immigrant youths. In Allerød, North Zealand, a man was attacked and robbed by three “unaccompanied minors”. And at the railway station in Aarhus a Danish teenager was beaten in an unprovoked attack by a gang of young immigrants.


Denmark has since the early 2000s has had a much more responsible policy on immigration than Sweden. The proportion of non-Western immigrant population is much lower than in Sweden. Accordingly, also immigration and asylum related crime will be lower in Denmark. A significant difference, however, is that both the Danish police and Danish mainstream media are openly reporting on immigrant crime, instead of – as their Swedish counterparts – trying to hide the problems. This past weekend the Danish public was outraged by several unpleasant immigrant crimes.


Skive is a small town on the Limfjord in northern Jutland. At ten o’clock on Friday night took a young couple, both 22 years old, took a trip to the local McDonald’s restaurant in Skive to buy some fast food. The young woman went in to the hamburger restaurant and ordered food while her boyfriend went in to shop at a gas station across the street. When they were finished with their purchases, they came at the same time back to the car. Then they were assaulted by a gang of young men which the Danish media described as ” Arabs “.


The gang went for reasons unknown to attack the couple’s car. They punched and kicked the car and tried to rip off the doors. A member of the gang jumped up on the hood and smashed the car’s windshield. Several of the men in the gang stood in front of the car and tried to prevent the Danish couple from leaving the site.


When the couple finally managed to drive off the Arab gang had summoned gain additional gang members with cars. The two Danish 22-year-olds were persued by three cars. They saw no other solution but to take refuge in the barracks where the 22-year-old man serving as a soldier. Meanwhile, his girlfriend called police from his mobile phone.


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