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UK Telegraph paints Westminster jihadi as ‘a victim of racism’……(the evil waycists made me do it)

You know, it’s like every single person who has had nasty things said about themselves explode into violence, stab people and then later on run them over over on the streets of the city and stab someone else to death.

This is predictable, the media running defense for the indefensible. I seriously doubt that they would immediately run (nor should they) a similar story for a neo-nazi who did the same against black skinned people. Digging into his past how he was a victim of this or that slight that eventually drove him on to a life of crime and into the arms of a white supremacist group and finally a mass murder.

This is sickening. Here’s how a real paper reports on the murderous scumbag.

How London attacker Khalid Masood snapped because of racism in his village – then went to jail and became radicalised

Khalid Masood, the Westminster attacker, snapped because of racism in his village and slashed the face of a cafe owner before being radicalised in jail.


Masood has been identified as the man formerly known as Adrian Elms, a career criminal with a history of violent knife crime.


He went off the rails in July 2000, slashing a man across the face after an argument that had “racial overtones”. The attack would land him in jail and his life, already in a fragmented state, would fall apart. In another attack three years later, he stabbed a man in the nose before reportedly travelling to Saudi Arabia.

More media vomit here.


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