Sweden: New government agency to ensure Muslim settlers are spread to every neighborhood…….

You will be inundated with people streaming into your neighborhood from every Islamic 3rd world hell hole due to our political policies.

But get guess what, these people hail from clans and tribes, they will in fact migrate back to areas where they feel more familiar with. This is a boondoggle.

Sweden to get new anti-segregation authority

Sweden is to get a new government agency tasked with tackling segregation in Swedish society.

The new agency will be charged with helping to improve socially deprived areas and breaking structural inequality, the Swedish government explained.


An inquiry will prepare the first details of the “delegation on segregation”, headed by Jonas Nygren, who was previously the chairman of the municipal board in Sundbyberg and is head of the Swedish Union of Tenants (Hyresgästföreningen).


“Counteracting segregation is one of our most important issues today and for the future. We’re very happy that Jonas Nygren has said yes to leading the work. He has knowledge of municipalities and politics, understands the relationship between the national and the local, and is a person who can make things happen,” Minister for Policy Coordination Ibrahim Baylan said in a press release.


The Swedish government’s program to reduce segregation between 2017 and 2025 will focus on crime, long-term unemployment, schools, social services and housing.


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  1. Sweden looks more ridiculous each day, though all of Western Europe is suicidal these days. The only thing that can be done with Muslims in the West is put them on planes and boats and send them back to whatever hell hole they’re from, along with all their offspring. They don’t belong in the West.

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