Sweden: School teacher under investigation over Nazi allegations……..

Canadian blogger Vlad Tepes interviewed this woman and she’s no neo-nazi, never wanted to be one and rejects their ideology, but that won’t stop the thought police in Sweden.

School watchdog probes teacher over Nazi allegations

A teacher who went to a Nazi meeting and joined anti-Semitic groups on social media is being investigated by the Swedish school watchdog.


The teacher, who works at a school in Kävlinge municipality, attented a meeting held by the militant far-right Nordic Resistance Movement where the group’s manifesto was discussed. Sweden’s security police has described it as one of the most dangerous far-right groups in Sweden.


The Swedish Schools Inspectorate is now investigating the teacher after receiving an anonymous complaint about her last week, writes regional newspaper Sydsvenskan.


“I have never seen such serious reports about a teacher. We have immediately launched an investigation,” Elizabeth Malmstedt of the education watchdog told the daily.


In a podcast published by a far-right site, the teacher, who Sydsvenskan reports is also active in nationalist and anti-Semitic groups on social media, confirmed that she attended the meeting, but denied being a member. “I actually had a really nice evening,” she told the podcast.


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