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Gates of Vienna: Deutche Bahn, Saturday Groping Special…….

How much more the average German/European in general can take is just a matter of time.

Deutsche Bahn: Saturday Groping Special

Last night we posted a propaganda video put out by Deutsche Bahn, the German state railway service. It featured a young Muslima who turned out to be a brilliant medical student, thereby shaming the native German sitting opposite her by exposing his “Islamophobic” prejudice. An improbable situation, to say the least.


In response, Egri Nök collected and translated four news stories — all published in the month of February — showing a more representative sample of what one might expect from culture-enrichers on a German train. In particular, what German women might expect from migrant men on a train.


First, from the Münchner Abendzeitung:

Suspect arrested
Sexual harassment in the metropolitan train: Police looking for more victims
February 07, 2017
After several women were sexually harassed on January 29 on the Munich metropolitan train, a perpetrator has now been arrested. Police are now looking for victims.
Munich — Munich police have arrested a suspect who allegedly sexually harassed several women in the metropolitan train on January 29. Thanks to CCTV it was possible to identify him. For about two hours he allegedly tried to grope several victims. In doing so, he followed the women through the carriages. Two victims filed a police report against the unknown man at the police station in Herrsching.
Another man was present the entire time. He did not participate, but did nothing to prevent the situation.
Both involved have been identified as Eritreans, living in an asylum accommodation in the district of Starnberg. The main suspect was arrested when the institution was searched. Investigations showed that a similar incident had happened on January 22 in Munich.
Sabine Stein, head of the investigation service of the Munich federal police station said the rapid result was thanks to the good cooperation and the quick exchange of information.
Federal police ask women affected by sexual harassment to contact police at the phone number 089/515550-111

Same event, different take — manages to ask for witnesses without mentioning the perpetrator is an Eritrean:


More here.

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