Time to choose: America First or continued Muslim settler colonization…….

I choose the former over the latter any day of the week even on Sunday’s…

America First vs. Islamic Colonization – Eric Allen Bell

Is it possible to have both? America has a lot of its own problems right now. We are stretched pretty thin, trying to solve those problems. Is it possible to put America first and to allow Islamic colonization in our country?


87 percent of the people who voted for Trump said the US should not take on the responsibility for letting Muslim migrants into this country. And 27 percent of Clinton voters agree with this.


The FBI told Congress that the massive influx of Islamic migrants cannot be properly screened.


And yet, certain special interest groups, both inside and outside of the United States, insist that we absolutely must keep allowing those who follow the brutal ideology of Islam to colonize here, in our country.


According to Pew Research, in the fiscal year of 2016 the US admitted the highest number of Muslim colonizers on record, ever.


The 7 countries identified by the Obama Administration as high risk are the same countries for which President Trump is trying to impose “Extreme Vetting” on those who are attempting to enter our country. The Obama Administration came up with this list based on some solid, rational and reasonable facts. And those facts add up to one very clear conclusion. Muslim migrants who are leaving those 7 countries and trying to enter the United States are people whom we cannot do background checks on. Many do not have passports or even any proof what their name is.


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