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Rockets from Syria launched at Israel last night, multiple intercepts…….

Islamonazis appearing wanting to bite off more than they chew again…..

It Appears that Rockets were Launched at Israel, Multiple Intercepts

2:43 AM The Rocket Alert siren went off in a number of locations in the Jordan Valley region at 2:43 AM on Friday.


Israeli social media is going crazy with people in Modi’in, Jerusalem, and eastern Israel in general saying they heard a loud explosion.


It is unclear yet what they heard explode. The IDF says they are checking.


There is a theory that it was a Patriot missile that was launched to intercept some missiles.


3:15 AM Update: The IDF says they are unaware yet of anything landing inside Israel.


3:21 AM Update: There’s a lot of speculation at this point whether multiple missiles were launched at Israel, and if any landed.


3:52 AM Update: It is now believed that 3 rockets were launched at Israel from Syria at 2:43 AM.


The unconfirmed reports say that two rockets landed in Israel. One rocket landed in Jordan.


More here.

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