Iraq Polygamy Sharia

Iraq: Female MP proposes pro-polygamy law, encouraging men to take multiple wives…….


This is what US forces risked their lives and died for?

Female Iraqi MP proposes law that encourages men to marry multiple women for financial benefits

Controversial suggestion comes in the wake of recent legislation banning alcohol


A member of Iraq’s parliament has put forward a proposal to legalise polygamy in the country to “protect the dignity” of widows, divorced women, and older women who choose not to marry.


The government could provide financial incentives such as tax allowances to encourage men to marry more than one woman, Jamila al-Ebeidi told media at Baghdad’s parliament’s building on Sunday, citing increased rates of divorce as a social problem which puts women in financially dangerous positions.


“While we express thanks to men who voluntarily celebrate International Women’s Day… We should remind [women] MPs… [not embracing polygamy] despite increasing spinsterhood and divorced women, who now exceed four million, is selfishness,” Ms Ebeidi said, urging her fellow MPs to adopt her stance.


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