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Germany: Marxists spin MAGA into MEGA, come up with Obama-like sovietesque banner for Martin Schulz…….

All that’s missing is a Fidel cigar stuck in his trap…..

Martin Schulz is a career bureaucrat/politician, he’s the quintessential Marxist statist, someone who literally has to be pried out of political life with a crowbar. It’s telling just how far into the abyss Western societies have gone that types like, Martin Schulz and Bernie Sanders, are taken seriously as having anything positive to contribute to the civil society.

Make Europe Great Again: Merkel’s anti-Trump opponent rallies youth support

Make Europe Great Again: Merkel's anti-Trump opponent rallies youth support
Young supporters of Martin Schulz wear T-shirts with his face, reading MEGA – Make Europe Great Again. Photo: DPA.
Angela Merkel’s aversion to social media may turn out to hurt her as the Chancellor’s most serious challenger in this year’s election fires up young, internet-savvy voters – who even gave him a “sexy” new nickname.

Matthias Zeller, a 21-year-old Social Democratic activist, caused a stir in Germany when he enthused on national television that his party’s new leader Martin Schulz was a “geile Sau” – which loosely translates as “sexy beast”.


Zeller, who heads the youth wing of SPD’s Mannheim chapter, told AFP that he let slip the informal expression “out of sheer exuberant joy” over Schulz’s decision to lead the party into battle against Chancellor Angela Merkel in September elections.


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Here Nigel Farage rips Schulz a new one.

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