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People still trying to explain Khalid Masood’s jihad impulses in spite of evidence already known…….

He did it for allah…..

How he got there is one thing, what he did and thought after he arrived is another. Whether it was substance abuse, racism and a whole host of other circumstances involved, the fact remains that he chose Islam as the vehicle to attack society. Islam obliges.


Since Wednesday police have been searching for explanations for Khalid Masood’s violence. They are checking all possible contacts with ISIL cells and the influence of Islamist radicals, quite rightly. Masood, I have no doubt, was ripe for radicalisation in his own unhappy quest for personal ‘justice’.
Like Lee Rigby’s killers before him, I suspect the drugs came first and the conversion followed, giving a purpose to the violent impulses lurking within.
Newspaper columnist Peter Hitchens has been right to ask what violent killers have in common and to ask whether it is dope that may be the real mind-blowing terror threat in our midst and where dysfunctional families abound.
For the fact is that mental illness, triggered by cannabis, increases the risk of aggressive behaviour, crime and violence.

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