Anti-Islamization Fighting Back Islam in Germany

Germany: AFD Party to fight for hijab ban and for mass deportations…….


We might see the polling and vote go in different directions….

People will give their real POV in the voting booth.

AfD to fight for headscarf ban and mass deportations in election

The Alternative for Germany (AfD) party has released a draft campaign programme, outlining plans to ban all headscarves in public offices and schools.

The proposed programme was presented on Thursday in Berlin, as the upstart far-right party seeks to win its first seats in the Bundestag (German parliament) in September’s election.


The AfD started in 2013 as a eurosceptic party, opposed to the single currency, but has shifted further to the right, gaining success in state parliaments over the past year through its anti-immigrant rhetoric amid the influx of refugees.


Its proposed campaign programme demands stringent restrictions on Muslims and their religious freedoms, including a general headscarf ban for the public sector that would apply to teachers and students alike.


“The AfD will not allow Germany to lose its cultural features due to a false understanding of tolerance,” the programme states.


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