Fighting Back Finland mosques

Finland: Winner in Helsinki mayor debate against planned Grand Mosque…….


The National Coalition candidate, Jan Vapaavuori is dead set against it, while the Greens candidate, Anne Sinnemäki has in principle nothing against it. 

According to on of the NC MP’s watching the debate, Vapaavuori sealed his victory. “Vapaavuori, seals the victory. The mosque feeds radicalism, the Danish example proves it.

Helsinki Grand Mosque, candidates for mayor share  opinions in ISTV’s duel

 Candidates for mayor shared opinions on planned Helsinki Grand Mosque in  ISTV’s duel debate,

Sinnemäki and Vapaavuori debated planned Helsinki grand mosque
The candidates for mayor  clearly had a divided opinion, while the audience raised the question envisaged for the Helsinki grand mosque.

Vapaavuori was against it, Sinnemäki didnot see major obstacles for the grand mosque.

According to Sinnemäki there are thirty mosques in Helsinki, which do not have a proper mosque.

– I do not have (the construction of large mosque) a final position. In principle, the mosque can be built, Sinnemäki said in ISTV’s dual debate.

Vapaavuori was not warming to the thought of  building a large mosque at all.

– I do not support a grand mosque in Helsinki, regardless of who funds it, Vapaavuori said in ISTV’s debate.


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  1. No matter how many mosques are built, or how large – they will still find it “necessary” to march and “pray” in the streets and squares to intimidate the locals and assert their control of the public spaces.

    Mosque-building has little to do with prayer, is about creating an alternative civic infrastructure for their “courts”, “councils”, and madrassas.

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