Swedish State news: Hundreds of jihadis received funding from Swedish government…….


This shows you the kinds of maroons (mis-)governing the Swedish state.

They refuse to acknowledge Islam is a problem, that Muslims with dual citizenship, many of whom are classified as refugees/asylum seekers are traveling back and forth to areas they supposedly fled from. In Finland we have Somalis who are still registered as refugees who return to Somalia for vacation with relatives. The farce is widespread.

Report shows: Hundreds of terror travelers received funding from the Swedish government

People who are planning terrorist trips leave fewer traces, it makes it difficult to predict who is planning a trip. In addition, according to a new report, contribution evasion is high among travelers..

Characteristic of the Swedish travelers is that almost all the 300 individuals looked at in the report received some form of government grants and had people in Sweden who handled mail to give the impression that the person is still in Sweden.

According to a new report commissioned by the FSA .

– It was not surprising, we have seen the same pattern in other countries. Most surprising was that almost all had it in any form. But it is about monitoring needs to work better. The problem is that there is too little follow-up, says Magnus Ranstorp, terrorism researcher and one of those who wrote the report.

Many take loans from CSN


Most common are grants coming from the Social Insurance Agency as housing allowances, child support, student loans, maintenance and parental benefits. It is also common for people who are in Sweden, a refund as they then send to people who are in the conflict zone.

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