Egypt ISLAMIC STATE Islamic terrorism Muslim persecution of Christians

Christians forced to flee Sinai as Islamic (nazi) State vows to murder all churchgoers……


The slaughter of these people is one of THE most under reported stories coming out of the Middle East.

Christians under ATTACK in Egypt: ISIS vows to ELIMINATE churchgoers forcing them to flee

CHRISTIANS have been forced to flee Sinai as Islamic State vows to eradicate Christianity from Egypt.



Families are leaving the region’s largest city El-Arish after a Coptic Christian was shot dead in front of his wife and children in the latest attack.


Militants stormed 40-year-old Kamel Youssef’s home and killed him before reportedly setting the house on fire.


The violence comes days after a father and son were slaughtered and six more Coptic Christians have been killed in El-Arish in the last month.


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