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Germany: Bomb threat for a small town that refused to hold a Turkish political rally…….


Sounds like some disgruntled Turks not like being told that they can’t hold a political rally in a German town for a politician from another country (Turkey).

The town of about 30,000 inhabitants on Thursday withdrew an agreement to lease a hall to the Union of European Turkish Democrats (UETD) for a rally, with Justice Minister Bekir Bozdag as the guest speaker.
Gaggenau authorities said a large number of visitors were expected as the event had been widely publicised, but that the town did not have the capacity to host such a big crowd.

Bomb threat in German town after Turkish rally scrapped

Berlin (AFP) – A small German town said it had received a bomb threat Friday, a day after blocking a rally by Turkey’s justice minister to promote a referendum on expanding President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s powers.

“We received a bomb threat by phone at around 7:30 am (0630 GMT),” Dieter Spannagel, a local official from the western town of Gaggenau, told AFP.

“The caller cited the cancellation of the event with the Turkish justice minister as a reason.”

Investigators were searching the city hall, which had been evacuated, said mayor Michael Pfeiffer, who added the process could take several hours.


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