Islam in Austria MUSLIM SETTLERS Rape

Austria: Afghan fraud refugee Muslim settler arrested for sexually assaulting boys ‘like in the old country’…….


There is hierarchy in cultures…..

If not for feckless, boneheaded politicians allowing these cretins in, those children would NOT have been raped or molested.


By David Frankenhuis


Austrian police have recently arrested an Afghan-born sexual delinquent who had been targeting young boys in the towns of Linz and Traun. Victims of the 36-year-old asylum seeker were harassed and even threatened with murder, after being stalked.


On February 26, the Afghan allegedly molested a 12-year-old boy in a shopping centre in Traun, reports. He attempted to have sex with the minor, who initially managed to escape to a tram station but was followed by the attacker when leaving the mall.


After catching up with his intended victim, the migrant tried luring the boy to his house. As an alternative, the 36-year-old asked the boy to join him for a walk to the main station in order to have sex in the public toilet that is located there. According to police reports, “the accused did not leave the minor until he sought help from strangers.”


The refugee had also threatened to kill the boy if he would inform the authorities of the assault, leaving his victim completely terrified.


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