#GardenofSweden : Overpowered police by rioters leads to demands for more surveillance…….


More money for a problem that the politicians publicly deny exists…..

You mean the ‘humanitarian superpower’ is going to start surveilling their immigrants more closely?

Stockholm MP demands more surveillance after Swedish police are OVERPOWERED by rioters

A SWEDISH MP has demanded more surveillance cameras are installed in trouble hot spots after rioters attacked police in a Stockholm suburb.

Chaos erupted on Monday evening as police were forced to fire at a group of around 30 thugs after they started throwing stones at the attending officers.


The shocking scenes unfolded just hours after the country’s Prime Minister, Stefan Löfven, slammed Donald Trump for claiming Sweden was in crisis as a result of its liberal refugee policy.


Violence erupted after the police had tried to arrest a wanted person on the subway in the hard-hit suburb of Rinkeby.


Following the shocking attack on the police officers, Moderate Party politician Kristoffer Tamsons demanded more surveillance cameras should be installed near metro stations so officers can more easily prosecute vandals in the future.


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