#GardenofSweden : Bad image from bad news starts to bite for Nordic state…….


I really have to laugh out loud, long and hard…….

After years of dragging Israel through the mud, muck and grime, demonizing it to the point that Jews in many of its cities are feeling intimidation and violence from the growing Muslim population, these kooks are upset over some justified criticism. Oh shut the hell up.

Here’s just a portion from the cultural self anointed elite propaganda paper The Local, a real whopper from a foot stamping UK immigrant boob:

‘Do not buy into the lies spread about Sweden’

OPINION: Neil Shipley, originally from the UK, writes about why he is proud to call himself Swedish.

Sweden’s reputation is currently under attack and I feel I must respond, however unpopular this might be. I feel angry, frustrated and saddened about recent events. This is my angle…


I am proud to live in Sweden and I am proud, and fortunate, to have received Swedish citizenship. This is a country that, in my mind, builds on equality and solidarity. This is a country that tries to do the best for its people. This is a country that stands up and does the humane thing, even in difficult circumstances. I wouldn’t want to live anywhere else.


In some foreign media, Sweden is currently being dragged through the dirt. Stories based on lies and fabrication are spreading. Sweden is falsely being depicted as a failing country on the edge of collapse. This is total and utter bullshit. It is nothing more than the poisoned school gossip trying to bring down the popular student. It is a tactical attempt to spread fear and uncertainty and we must not bow to it. It is in their interests to undermine the social experiment that Sweden stands for and attack the politcs of liberalism and tolerance. A weaker opposition opens the way to a closed and darker society.


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