EU borders chief says rescuing migrants encourages people traffickers……..


The Euro-leaders have full blame for this, especially Sweden’s….

Not only for encouraging people trafficking, but for the thousands of dead drowned in the oceans trying to take advantage of their former open borders policy.

Migrant rescues in Mediterranean encourage people traffickers, claims EU borders chief

CHARITIES rescuing migrants off the coast of Libya are encouraging people trafficking, the European Union’s border chief has claimed.


NGOs are merely encouraging more dangerous journeys across the Mediterranean Sea by saving those who get into trouble, Fabrice Leggeri of EU border agency Frontex said.


His comments sparked fury from charities, who argued their actions were “not the cause but a response” to the migrant crisis.


Mr Leggier said: “We must avoid supporting the business of criminal networks and traffickers in Libya through European vessels picking up migrants ever closer to the Libyan coast.


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