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Denmark: Parties of tyranny pool together to ensure Danes never be able to rid themselves of EU tyranny…….


Full blown tyranny….

One session of parliament will now decide the future of all other generations what they can and cannot do. Their futures are now to cemented by these temporary politicians, many of whom will be a footnote of a footnote in history if it records them at all.



Danish parties call for deal to block EU referendum

A group of Danish political parties plan to push for a parliamentary deal committing all the country’s pro-European Union parties never to put the country’s EU membership to an in-out referendum.

The Danish Social Liberal Party, The Alternative and the Socialist Left Party argue that the deal tying Denmark more securely to the EU will help Denmark’s economy by making international investors better able to predict the future.
The deal would also help prevent the eurosceptic Danish People’s Party demanding that either the Liberal or the Social Democrat party hold a referendum as the price of its support after the next election.
“We suggest that the seven parties in parliament which would all like Danish membership of the EU to continue once and for all state that there will be no Danish vote on our EU membership,” Morten Østergaard, leader of the Social Liberal Party told Denmark’s state broadcaster DR on Sunday.
The three parties hope to do a deal with the Liberal Party, the Liberal Alliance, and Conservative People’s Party, and Social Democrats, all of which support remaining with the EU.


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