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Australia: Islamonazi arrested for helping Islamic (nazi) State develop missile technology……..


Doesn’t sound like a dirt farmer, more like some of those engineers Leftist hack politicians say we need to help with our economy….

Australia man arrested on charges of helping ISIS develop missile technology

SYDNEY: Australian counter-terrorism police arrested an unidentified man after a raid on a countryside property Tuesday and accused him of seeking to help ISIS by developing missile technology, the first arrest of its kind in Australia.


Dozens of police, including a dog squad and some officers with metal detectors, raided a property in Young, about 270 km (170 miles) southwest of Sydney, earlier Tuesday, pictures on Australian media showed.


Ian McCartney, Assistant Commissioner of counter-terrorism for the Australian Federal Police, said police will allege the 42-year-old man had been advising the radical Islamist group on how to develop the technical capability to detect guided missiles and to build their own missiles.


“We will also allege that he has been researching, designing and modelling systems to assist ISIS’ efforts to develop their own long-range guided missile capabilities,” McCartney said, using another common term to describe ISIS.


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