#GardenofSweden : Speeding train pelted with stones by gang of youths…….


H/T: : “Multicultural Sweden: Train running at high speed attacked with stones.”

Gang attacks train with stones: “Could have ended in tragedy”


Evening train between Stockholm and Gothenburg would soon arrive at the station in Alingsås when the trip took an unpleasant turn. One of the cabins in first class was shattered with a bang – and more rocks flew toward the cabin and locomotive in front of it.


– There were many stones that flew, it heavily pelted the locomotive. We are quite convinced that there were several people who were behind this, says Dan Nilsson, operations manager of the restaurant on board.




– It happens several times a week and is a huge scourge for us. Not only could someone get hurt – it will also stop the whole train services for all. It becomes a real circus, he says.


Scandinavian Jernbanors traffic manager Peter Alsén is still waiting for a report on the incident, but has been informed of it.


– Something like this happens, unfortunately, very often, we look seriously at it. The event will be reported by us, says traffic manager.


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